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With this being my first blog post, it’s safe to assume that this is your first time visiting. So, hi! My name is Momo, and I’m here to do my best on serving the latest fashion, or beauty trends–that adhere to my style.

Today’s topic of interest is, well as the title of this post states, the Kylie Lip Kit in Candy K! I finally was able to get a hold of one of these suckers, and I can honestly say that I’m already obsessed! Kylie and her team really did put lots of hard work into creating her cosmetics brand.

Getting one is no joke. They. Sell. Out. FAST! My intention was to get the color Posie K, one of the eight colors of her matte lip kits, and it sold out as soon as I went to checkout! I rushed back to the online store to add another lip kit to my kart, and that kit was Candy K. So if you plan to buy one these babies, act fast. The price for each lip kit is thirty dollars USD, and another ten dollars USD for shipping and taxes.

The packaging is wonderfully put together, and it connects to Kylie’s personal taste.

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Upon opening the package is a quaint little note, which to my assumption is Kylie’s own handwriting–just copied and pasted to every card that comes with a lip kit.

Let’s get on with what is really important here: the actual product! With every lip kit comes a liquid lipstick, and a matching lipliner.

The products are easily more beautiful in person. The liquid lipstick and lipliner glide on the lips like cutting through butter–smooth and effortlessly. The liner is very pigmented and can be used as a lipstick alone. The liquid lipstick dries in a reasonable amount of time, and as soon as it does, you’re left off with a gorgeous matte finish. The product doesn’t cling harshly on the lips, so you don’t have to worry about your mouth looking super dry and chalky. Also,this product doesn’t transfer! So don’t be afraid to kiss whoever you please while wearing this cosmetic.

I plan to get more colors, especially the new metallic lipsticks, and glosses by Kylie’s line. They are worth the price, and beautifully crafted. I would suggest getting the Kylie app, because there she will update you on exactly what day, and time she restocks her cosmetics.

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4 thoughts on “Kylie Lip Kit Review — Candy K

  1. Congratulations on your first post! 🎉 Might I add- it was a great read! I myself am late to the party and have not tried her kits yet, but I am dying to! And if I were debating prior to reading this, it would definitely make me buy. Great job!

    I will be following in your blog journies. =)

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