Did Someone Say Sale?!

I am always on the look for the hottest pieces trending for my glam girls, and guys. And of course, I had to make an immediate post on one my favorite clothing brands ever! Not only because I love them, but also because the entire store is 40%! Did you just ready forty? Yes you did! I am going to snag some pieces for myself, because I can not miss this sale. Yeah you have your BOGO, and your small sales, but 40%?! That’s kind of like a Black Friday steal!! This flash sale ends tonight at midnight PST, so get to it!

Just click on the banner to the left for instant access to WantMyLook’s hottest styles! Not convinced? Well well well, darling, let me show you some of my top favorite pieces from the site.


            Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 9.36.21 PM.png

This cute dress is simple, and can be paired with a distressed denim jacket, and sneakers to tomboy it up, or with high heel sandals for a soft, girly look.

2. This jean and body suit combo is everything! Girly meets casual in this clash of denim and soft satin/silk material. There are multiple ways you could dress up a bodysuit, and denim is a super popular option. There are denim shorts, skirts, and jeans that will definitely up your bodysuit game.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 9.42.43 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 9.40.51 PM.pngWantMyLook offers an abundance of options when it comes to sexy, cute bodysuits that are versatile with almost any article clothing. So swoop some up for yourself while this spontaneous sale is on. Bodysuits are an important staple for anyone’s closet, especially for spring and the soon to come summer season. Add to cart? Check!


For my third choice, it just had to be denim. Not just regular blue denim, but white! If you don’t have any white denim in your closet, then WantMyLook has your back, glamgirls. If you already have white denim, then here’s why you should get these: booty! The mid-waist rise of these jeans will help in making your legs looking longer, contour your butt in all the right places, and fit your body very well. The cropped style makes it fun, and flirty for those upcoming bright and sunny spring days. Casual them down with your favorite pair of sneakers, and when the sun sets, dress up these cuties with you favorite strap heels. Showing your ankles helps play with the illusion of a daintier foot, so don’t be afraid to show them this Spring/Summer.

Again, for easy access, either click the banner to the left (model wearing a pink silk dress) or scroll up and click the first banner for fast access to the website. Upon checkout, do not forget to use the code: GETWET for 40% off at checkout!

I don’t about you guys, but I’m going to get on it now. A lot of their styles tend to sell out, and I can’t imagine how fast they will be gone this time with the amazing sale.

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