How To Be Inspired

I find that sometimes in life, it’s difficult to be motivated to do anything. Whether it’s our work, the weather, friends, family, or significant other putting us down, always being in a good mood can sometimes be hard to do. (I just got distracted on how good and mood both have the double o but sound different. So weird!) Anyways, I’m going to be giving my tips and tricks on how I become inspired, and lift myself up.

  1. Put on a Good Song

    Music is super important to me, and it can usually dictate my mood. If I put on a gloomy song, the sounds and instruments will probably make me sad. Though, it work the opposite way for me, too! I just put my good, upbeat vibes music, and let the uplifting beats turn my frown upside down. It motivates me to do my must-do’s, and stay on top of my tasks without being discouraged. It’s nice to feel in a “Hey, today I will slay, and I got this!” Type of mood.

  2. Work it Out!

    Working it out is one of the best ways to get inspired, and back on your feet to happier living. Though, I find it difficult sometimes to find the motivation to workout when I’m in an awful mood. They key is to convince yourself to do it, because the payoff is better health, and a boost in the releasing of endorphins (the chemical in your brain that promotes happiness)! 🙂 So, how do I find the motivation to workout in the first place? I will go on my explore page on my Instagram, then see a fitness page and see someone’s progression. I workout almost everyday of the week, and feel motivated once I see my body goal in someone else. I know that with every day that I workout, comes a day closer to my fitness goals, and that usually is the trick to getting me to sweat away my tears.

  3. Fresh Shower

    Taking a fresh shower is another way that helps me get up and started on my day. It’s even better to take cold showers, because it has been shown through studies to help relieve depression. Depression can really be a ton of bricks weighing a person down, and have them not feeling motivated to do much (trust me, I know 😦 ), so a cold shower can be your fix when you need it! Even if you don’t want to feel the cold, a fresh shower will be almost just as good, and have you feeling ready for the day ahead.

  4. Eating Healthy

    Tip number four that I have to raise your mood, and help you become inspired, is to eat healthy. It’s wrong to ignore nature’s number one medicine, and that’s her food. Studies have shown eating your fruits and veggies help boosts your happiness levels. Yay! So go to Jamba Juice, and order that açai bowl. Make a fruit salad, eat half of a whole watermelon, make a banana carb monster smoothie to give you the energy you need for you day! I find the more raw the food is the better it works its magic. So no cooking. If you want to plan ahead, store some bananas in the freezer over night, and in the morning, you’ll have the staple ingredient for making delicious banana nice cream! 🙂 That stuff is so good. Hmm, should I post a recipe on my take on the nice cream? Stay tuned to find out. 😉

  5. Nature!

    Speaking of mother nature, go on and visit her, too! Getting away from the city, and finding my way to the ocean is one my best remedies to help ease my soul, and uplift my spirit. The water brushing against the sand, and crashing against the rocks is so peaceful. Taking a hike, and being surrounded by the songs of birds, the wind gliding through the leafs, and the sun shining through silhouettes assists me in become happier. Also, if the trail is intense enough, you do a two-in-one because then it also becomes a workout. Score!


So there you have it. Four tips that I use that helps me going and feeling so happy. You can follow them in any order you want, or when you need them. As always thank you so much for reading my post! Please like, comment/reblog if you liked this post. Also, please subscribe to me to be notified on when I post. I greatly appreciate it. Till next time! 🙂


– momo




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