Lilly Lashes and MORE!

After taking about a week and a half break from my blog, I think it’s only fair that I owe you guys with a glam post. Yes! I have quite a few things I have received in the mail,
have tried them on and have given my first impressions. Before I reveal my little goodies, I just want to say thank you so much of those who are subscribed to my blog, and if you haven’t please do as I appreciate the support.

Alright guys, without further a do, let’s get started on this mini glam haul.

I was tempted to make this the last part of my review, but I could not resist. If you have followed my blog before, then you’d know that I had purchased my first Lilly Lashes in mykonos. I fell in love instantly because I love the glamour and drama that comes with them. However, what if there was a lash, if possible, that I loved even more? Glam girls and guys, may I present, the arika lash. IMG_3949.JPG

Is it not beautiful? Still not convinced? Wondering what’s the difference between the mykonos and the arika lash? IMG_3952.JPG

Well do not fear, a comparison photo is here. As you can see, the arika lash is more fluffier, and there is also an invisible band. Well, not truly invisible, but it’s not prominent either. On the mykonos the black band is evidently there, but on the arika lash, it’s almost hardly visible. It’s because the latter is part of the 3D band-less mink collection. In other words, if you want to have lashes that seem even more believable and glamorous, then the invisible band is for you. I love both, but swing a little more towards the arika lash.

It’s comfortable, effortless, and does not feel too heavy on the eyes. It can be worn about fifteen to twenty times until you need a new pair. I was sad taking them off because the drama, eye-enlarging effect they have are so beautiful. Like seriously, if you’re a false eyelash aficionado, then you’re missing out. Oh, and I must not forget, I got these when there was a promotion going on. Yes! For a limited time, Lilly Lashes was giving out a free eyelash applicator with ANY purchase. It is valued at $9.99 USD, so it’s nice to save on a product that you would normally pay extra for. It’s pink, it’s cute, and it made applying the lashes so much easier.

IMG_3955.JPGSeriously, I could not resist this offer. Lilly Lashes are to be held to the highest quality, and their accessories should be no different.IMG_3953.JPG

As with all her products thus far, I have yet to be disappointed.

Now, the glue that I used to apply my new lashes with were a first impression as well, and after using it, I don’t think I could go back to any other eyelash glue. This glue is not annoying like other brands, does not smell fishy, and is very easy on the eyes. It’s not flaky, it is strong, and will not tear off your natural eyelashes upon removal. It’s a little random, since it’s not a product of the USA, but rather overseas (in my case).



It’s a Japanese brand eyelash adhesive! Even though I took a semester of Japanese in college, I still don’t understand what it says. It’s still cute, though! Before buying this product, reviews were claiming that it was the number one eyelash adhesive in Japan. You know I had to snag one up myself and put it up to its standard. Boy, was I not disappointed. Definitely out performs any other eyelash glue I have tried. I paid around $14 USD with taxes included for it. For the quality, I would say the price does it justice.

You can get the eyelash glue here! Though, please mind that wherever you are located upon ordering this product, shipping time might take forever if you don’t live near Japan. I reside in California, and chose free shipping. It took about three to four weeks to arrive. Lucky for me, a local Japanese market sold the glue. All I had to do was make a quick ten minute drive and bought the glue meanwhile the one from amazon was coming to my house.

Well, that sums up this post! If you guys have any other recommendations on what you’d like to see me review, try on, etc. then let me know! I’d be more than happy to oblige. For the Lilly Lashes, I am an affiliate, and if you were interested in ordering a pair (or two) please click here. As an aspiring beauty blogger it does help me out when you order through my link, and I really do appreciate the support. So thank you! ❤ Also, by clicking the link, at checkout if you use discount code FABULASH you’ll save 10% at checkout.

Thank you so much for reading this post, and please subscribe if you haven’t to be notified on when I post next. Please leave any comments if you have any, and I will see you next time! 🙂

(This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.)




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