Staying On Track

Through my life, I find it easy to feel as if I’m not on the path I should be. I have always put a lot of pressure on myself to be the best, and put very high expectations on my shoulders.

Don’t forget. You can also have enemies within you trying to bring you down. I’m here to say, hey, it’s okay.

It’s okay to feel discouraged,  and it’s okay to fall off the path that you were very determined to be on. Sometimes, we lose sight of the finish line because other opportunities are waiting for us. At first, it may not be what we want, but then we might find another fork in the road that leads us to a place that’s even better. It could be better than the track you tried desperately to stay on, and if it weren’t for that wrong turn, you would not have discovered the new route with a brighter future.

Keeping positive in stressful situations is vital. Not only to your sanity, but also to your health. I like to find a balance between taking things seriously, but also not getting too worried about them. Don’t take life as a grain of salt, and enjoy it. It goes by so fast, and constantly having high expectations and continuously disappointing yourself is not worth it.

Be adventurous. Be courageous. Try something new. Write. Become inspired. Travel someplace new whether local or distant. Do something (legal) that you wouldn’t normally do! Have fun, and breathe. Have goals, finish them, and set new goals.

Wander off the track, and live. Your. Life.




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